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Razors Through Flesh

Posted on March 16, 2018 at 6:30 PM

The sound of Razors Through Flesh has been described as, “Jagged,” “Haunting,” “razor sharp,” and “warped.” The project was born in the wake of unimaginable personal tragedy and captures the despair and despondency of that moment. The genre-bending sound of Razors Through Flesh is best described as Drum and Bass with a streak of Industrial, a bit of Future Bass, and a touch of Dubstep. Sometimes dark and hauntingly melodic, sometimes driven with a manic energy, and sometimes a bit tongue-in-cheek, they manage to capture and explore intensely dark topics with gravity while managing to avoid taking themselves too seriously. Razors through flesh was meant to capture the unbearableness of the suffering of strangers and the agony of friends. After all, “There is a secret song at the center of the world […] and it’s sound is the sound of razors through flesh.” (Hellraiser 3)

Her first album, “Take Drugs, Kill your Boyfriend!” (available from online retailers now!) is a true solo project: produced, mixed, and mastered personally (even the photography and graphic design!). “Take Drugs, Kill your Boyfriend!” is shaped both by her own intrinsic darkness and the life experiences that inspire it, as seen through the lens of horror, sci-fi, and low-budget cinema. It’s available for streaming on Soundcloud and for purchase on iTunes now, and will be available on other platforms by March 21st.

You can request Haunted, Xenobiology Detected,The Song at the Center of the World our playlist By Clicking here

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