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Four Peanuts Deluxe

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 5:55 PM
Four Peanuts Deluxe

Neither the name nor the music of 4 Peanuts Deluxe echoes with some of Thuringia’s instinctive folk music.

It was the beginning of 2001 when the two fellows that form 4 Peanuts Deluxe emerged.

Their style of catchy 70's vocals, performed with smooth bass lines, has evolved since then.

On tour around the hilly landscapes of the Republic, they not only performed for the domestic audience but also dropped their beats at the Krayenburg Ascension Festival.

They also mixed in Erfurt's club scene, as well as at the sides of the BROTHERS INCOGNITO and Disco Dice.

The mark of ‘homemade’ spinning rightly describes 4 Peanuts Deluxe.

Both of them went through tough Piano lessons due to the musically involved parents.

And no wonder they found their first music idols on records in the home cupboards.

Ever since, their disco hearts pumps the 'black gold' vinyl in every pore of their bodies.

Where else is the beat felt if not in the fingertips of 4 Peanuts Deluxe.

Their sound gets you hooked to the dance floor and lost in the rhythm with their electronic musician souls.

Therefore, the music will knock you off your feet and take you to wonderland.

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